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clubberia x WOMB

クロストーキョー CROSS TOKYO


Sep /  2020







オンライン配信形式で、DJプレイとトークセッションの2部構成。チャンネルはclubberiaとWOMBのYoutubeチャンネルにて、同時にON AIR。


clubberia and WOMB are teaming up to launch Cross Tokyo. The word "cross" means to cross, mix or experience. Or, it crosses content and media, music and video, academia and experience, past and future, classic and next generation.

Clubberia's 20 years of experience in the electric music scene and WOMB's 20 years of experience in bringing the world's current music to Tokyo. By crossing these experiences with the artists of the new generation, WOMB will be able to take over and open up a new era.

This project will also spotlight and support DJs, artists and creators who are building a new era. This is a participatory future project that will build a new era in the future. There is a person like this, I can do this! We want to bring the talent of the world to life. Join us and expand the possibilities!

Turbulent times. Repeated destruction and rebirth, a new era and culture is being born. We will witness the miracle moment of this era, cross the diverse entertainment and Tokyo culture, and transmit it to the world. In search of the newness of Tokyo's unique culture.

It will be streamed online in two parts: a DJ performance and a talk session. In the future, we will be broadcasting not only on the clubberia and WOMB Youtube channels.


Now, let's all go on a journey with us in a new era of participation!


Category:Event Planning

Client:clubberia / WOMB

Producer:Yasuo Takata (clubberia) / Keisuke Niijima(WOMB)

Production:SYMBIOSIS Inc.

Director:Yoshiaki Nakaichi

Visual Cordinate:Manami Sakamoto

Streaming Operation:Kenjiro Shimada

Camera:Daisuke Maeda

Lighting:Takumi Moriya(WOMB)

PA:Yuki Watanabe(WOMB)

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